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Penelope Space Rock

Firebase Security Rules

Chris Esplin 11/07/2014

Firebase security rules can be cryptic. Here's a methodology that I've found to work for setting up basic auth on your Firebase instance.


Use NGINX to serve multiple SSL services from a single IP

Chris Esplin 01/28/1014

You'll need a reverse proxy if you want to serve multiple sites/apps off of a single server. NGINX is a relatively simple, easy way to do that.


How much should I charge for contract work?

Chris Esplin 01/17/2014

Negotiating hourly rates is tricky business. If you ask for too much, you may not get the job, but if you ask for too little, you'll find yourself resenting the work as the project drags on.

Chrome On Wood

Introducing Quiver CMS

Chris Esplin 10/15/2014

I've had a few new additions to my life this month. There's a fantastic pair of Chrome Kursk Sneakers, a beautiful new baby girl named Juniper and my latest web project, Quiver CMS.

Bear Lake Dole Whip

AngularFire 0.8.0 Tutorial

Chris Esplin 08/19/2014

I've tried a number of different architectures for Angular projects, and I've struggled to find an effective authentication architecture for AngularFire. This project demonstrates my current best practice for AngularFire architecture, especially surrounding FirebaseSimpleLogin auth practices.

Firebase Experts Black

Angularfire 0.8.0 - The Upgrade

Chris Esplin 09/08/2014

Firebase just released their latest update of the AngularFire library. It's a nice improvement, and you should update your projects if at all possible.

Chrome Gym Shoes

Cutting Fat

Chris Esplin 07/29/2014

I spent the first four months of 2014 on a strict diet. I was lifting quite a bit as well. I managed to drop about 30 pounds, most of which was fat. I'd been lifting for years, and I'd been lifting heavy, so I lost some strength and some muscle, mostly in my legs; however, it was entirely worth taking a moderate strength loss for a huge strength-to-weight gain.

Melissa Glam

Programmer Feminism

Chris Esplin 05/27/2014

I just read a Coding Horror article on gender patterns in the workplace, and I'm having a strange reaction to it. I need to get my response down into words to make sense of what I'm feeling about the issue.

Zurb Foundation Hero

I'm Loving ZURB Foundation

Chris Esplin 03/25/2014

Foundation crushed Bootstrap 2. Bootstrap 3 has fought back, but it's too late for me. I've already fallen hard for Foundation.


Single Page App Architecture: Angular Install

Chris Esplin 01/16/2014

So Angular is the new hottness. Everyone wants to learn it and write incredible single-page applications (heretofore referred to as SPAs), but the documentation is crap and every dev I talk to seems to have wildly different ideas about how to structure an Angular application.

Firebase Experts Yellow On Black

Single-Page App Architecture: Connecting To Firebase

Chris Esplin 02/18/2014

Where do I begin. Quiver-Invoice has taken on a life of its own. It's fully operational and ready to invoice the entire star system.